Partnering with higher education institutions, Education provider, and other educational entities to increase social responsibility and affections by improving student learning and empowering our students with the highest level of education that will help them in enhancing their future career and build their countries.


Differentiating our services by improve and maintain highest level of service quality and customer satisfaction as we dealing with the new generation future career.


ApplyUni was established in Dubai - UAE on March 2020 as a part of Abeer Al Ghada Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Companies and known in the market as Abeer Education of, and in order to improve our service quality, today ApplyUni office in Dubai has become the headquarter for all of Abeer Education Branches in the middle east including (Egypt – Sudan - Syria ) managing all the operation related to International students recruitment and event organizing using the strategic location in Dubai for better connection between different branches in the middle east region.

ApplyUni is an Education consultancy representing private and public education Providers including universities, colleges, Language centers, Training center and International schools worldwide.

ApplyUni has been supporting a lot of students from middle-East and other countries to pursue their studies overseas, offering them a wide variety of study opportunities for both undergraduate and post graduate level with different partial scholarships that have been awarded based of their qualification.

Our Education counselors are well trained and all of them have been classified as an ApplyUni Education Certified counselor which is a six months compulsory training course for Employees in charge of Academic counselling sessions, this course has increased the counselling skills, communication skills and knowledge about our universities partners entry requirement and other qualifications.

In 2014 Abeer Education in Malaysia established Abeer Edu Fairs and Events department, which is a specialized department in organizing Overseas Education events and activities such as (Education Fair - School visit-road show – branding- Conference – Education Speech) which later on become one of ApplyUni departments.